Event program start date / end date question

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I am designing an event capture that will be used to asses services provided at the district level. I would like to hear ideas from the community. The evaluators will have to enter two dates: start date ( the date the assessment activity begins) and end date (the date the assessment ends): How can I configure these two dates? I was thinking of configuring the start date as the default report date? Am I on the right path? what about the end date?

For data captured manually in excel, we have the following image.


Hi @hernandezmachava
I think you are right for using the report date (incident date) as the start date, and if we assume that members can complete the programstage at the same day as the end date then I would say to do that but I assume the entry could happen during a different time and place which means for end date I can’t think of anything other than a data element.

Hi @Gassim,

Let me add more information: What we have is a long assessment tool divided by long different sections: each section will contain its data elements. it should noted that each section will be completed by a different member

Section 1: Monitoring
Section2: Pharmacy’
Section 3 HR,

Regarding the dates, if the first member logs in today and fills the data on monitoring, they should select September 5, 2022 as start date, but if the second member logs in tomorrow, he will fill data about pharmacy without selecting any date. If the third member logs in the day after tomorrow and fills data on HR, which is the last section of the assessment tool, he will have to select the end date which would be September 7, 2022.

This is the scenario and I hope it’s clear now


Hi @hernandezmachava

Sorry for the late response on this one. I’m not sure if this is the recommended approach. Maybe it’s even better to create an event program for each section instead?

As for the dates, I think that’s an interesting solution you are proposing; however, it does assume that the person responsible for the HR will only log after the person responsible in the Pharmacy section but there is no way to indicate that this will happen automatically? It doesn’t seem flexible enough or manageable either to have these individuals waiting for each other to complete a section.

Hi @Gassim,

There is no order in which the individuals fill the sections, i.e, the first individual can be ether HR, Monitoring or Pharmacy

I thought about this approach. but my question is: as the sections are parts of the same tool, would data clerks/ individuals have to log in to different event programs? I just mentioned three sections, but there are 10 sections in the same tool


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If the sections are all in one event program then all users will use the same event program. :+1:

You’re welcome! (:

Hi, @Gassim,

Thanks for your support so far. one more question:

As different sections will be filled by different users, is there any possibility to show which user filled which section on the android screen?

Thanks again

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