Event indicator will only SUM in pivot table, not COUNT or AVERAGE

Dear all

I know there is the new AGE-DOB data element, but it currently doesn’t do what I need. Therefore in v2.26 in event capture I have created 3 data elements for age years, age months, age days (all are tracker data elements with aggregation type = average), and a program indicator for a single age result for all patients:

Indicator (E-IPD_001 Age in years, total) = Inpatient admissions.EGEN_008 Age (years) +(Inpatient admissions.EGEN_009 Age (months)/12) + (Inpatient admissions.EGEN_010 Age (days)/365.25)

If I try to use that indicator in pivot tables or data viz, I only ever get a SUM, even when I have changed my option of aggregation type in pivot tables to be COUNT or AVERAGE. If I include the individual data elements, they change as they should. Example images below.


Is this 1) expected behaviour, 2) something I have configured poorly, or 3) a bug?

Thank you