Event Import Issue with Options & Boolean Values

Hello - I am experiencing two bugs with the Event Import functionality using a CSV file.

  1. When attempting to import values with an OptionSet, the import gets stuck on “In Progress” and never completes.
    Example: For a question that has the options “Yes”, “No”, and “Unknown,” If I try to import a value with the code for “Unknown,” it does not work.

  2. Boolean TRUE/FALSE values are always imported as FALSE.

We are using version 2.39.3. Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated.

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I’m trying to reproduce the issues on the play instance but I’m not able to. If I’m able to reproduce the issue, I will get back to you with more info; however, for now would you share more info for the comments below?

Kindly import using the Import / Export app by running a dry run and share the summary with the error log.

What is the data type of the data element? It that the Yes/No then the value should not be True/False, it should be Yes/No? Please share the metadata configuration for this such as whether it’s an optionset or a data element (probably not an attribute because we’re dealing with Event program…?)