Event created today shows as overdue in Android app v2.7.1.1 SDK v1.7.1


I have just upgraded to the very latest version of the android app. I enrolled a child in our tracker program and then created an event for today, all as normal. The event immediately is flagged in red as overdue.

This problem was originally reported yesterday by a nurse just after an upgrade of the android app to the latest version. It is not happening on the earlier 2.7. In replicating the problem I captured the logcat output and I have attached it here.

It’s causing some concern amongst our nurses as every child registered in our tracker on the day is being flagged as an overdue event.


Logcat output.pdf (399.7 KB)

Hi Simon

Thank you for your patience!

Have you been able to solve the issue? Could you please share the steps to reproduce this on any of the play.dhis2.org instances?

What version of DHIS2 are you using?

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Hi @Gassim, we’re running 2.38.0, probably time to plan an upgrade? I am working on replicating the problem on play.dhis2.org. If I can replicate it on 2.38 I will then see if the problem goes away in 2.39. More soon.


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Hello @swoodworth .

Let us know if you could reproduce in any play instance. Otherwise, let us know the specific configuration of your program or even an export of the metadata so we can try to reproduce on our side.


Hi @jaime.bosque, unable to reproduce in a play instance. Which makes me wonder about how we are treating event dates. We’re recording both an incident date and enrollment date. Not sure we need both?


That depends on the program configuration. You can have both Incident date as well as enrollment date:

  • Incident Date : The date which triggers the first event
  • Enrollment Date : The date the entity is enrolled in the program