'Event Capture' javascript events


We are trying out with customization of the ‘custom event data entry form’ for ‘Single Event Without Registration’.

For our use, we need Javascript events calls like below ones that exists in Aggregated side data entry form for dataSet.

  • dhis2.de.event.formReady

  • dhis2.de.event.dataValuesLoaded

Does it have or Is there any way that the ‘custom data entry forms’ in ‘Event Capture’ use this kind of javascript events?

To explain a bit about our use case for this,

on aggregate side, we have created a custom data entry form for data set - that dynamically creates HTML form based on data elements and it’s attribute data.

So, after creating ‘input’ like data entering HTML tags, we need to run something like ‘getAndInsertDataValues()’ & ‘dhis2.de.addEventListeners()’ that would load data & setup Javascript events on those created tags.

We like to do same for ‘Tracker’ side, in ‘Event Capture’.

We like to build this kind of dynamic HTML (based on data elements attribute setting) for ‘Single Event Without Registration’.