Error with program indicators using Enrollment analytics type and option set filter

For a large tracker program where option sets are used extensively, we have program indicators with multiple program indicator filters. However, using enrollment analytics type with these indicators returns the (console) error below in Data Visualiser app.

{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“could not extract ResultSet”}

Affected versions


Steps to reproduce

  1. Import attached metadata file to create two new program indicators in the program “WHO RMNCH Tracker”
  2. Capture data for any TEI in the current month such that:
  3. Assess for plurality = Five fetuses
  4. WHOMCH Fetal presentation = Cephalic

  1. Ensure public sharing settings for program and program stage is adequate
  2. Run analytics
  3. Analyse data for the two program indicators “*Cephalic fetal presentation” and “*Plurailty assessed is five fetuses”

Expected results

We expect to see data '1’s for each indicator in current month.

Actual results

We get an error

To confirm that the error is due to the analytics type, update the two program indicators, modifying analytics type from Enrollments to Events. Repeat steps 4 and 5 above; you may need to repeatedly reopen Google Chrome in incognito mode to ensure cache does not affect the results; also explore changing output type to Pivot table, bar chart etc.

None for now

A JIRA ticket has been created for this issue here: [DHIS2-15300] - Jira

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