Error message when starting the dhis2 web Application

Hi everyone! I’m a new DHIS2 User and I have been constantly getting this error when I try to start my application using both ‘yarn install’ and ‘d2 cluster start trial-3’ commands. What could be the error about?
I’ll be glad of your assistance. I have been following this documentation for the set-up

I guess incompatible node version

I have tried both version 16 and 18 and still getting the same errors

Hi @k1mani: I see that you are using yarn@4.2.2. Can you please try with yarn 1? app-platform is not currently built/tested with yarn 2+.

Instructions for installing yarn 1 (yarn classic):

Note that you may need to add yarn classic to your local path if installing for the first time: (see section “Adding the install location to your PATH”)