Error in the DHIS2 start-up routine - version 29

Dear All

I find that there is an error in the DHIS2 start-up routine as follow:

2019-09-12 15:36:35.575 +06 [1875] ERROR: syntax error at or near “unique” at character 62
2019-09-12 15:36:35.575 +06 [1875] STATEMENT: alter table if exists sequentialnumbercounter add constraint unique-group unique (ownerUid, key)


Though system is up, my question is why that is happening; i.e. query with ‘-’ is not executing and what is the consequences.

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Hi @Hannan,

I hope you are well; Sorry for the late reply on this post; did you manage to sort this? are you able to give more information as to what led to this?