Error in pivot: Values in text format display doesnt displayData visualizer

Iam having issue to display e download data elements with text format after upgrade fro 2.36.7 to 2.38

anyone can help?

The developers may need to comment more here,but I know in previous versions of DHIS2 it was possible to display text data in situations when it actually should have needed to be aggregated. You would only see the first row though, and the text data was not actually aggregated in anyway.

I suspect this may be the result of this bug being fixed. Did you try and display you data at the same level and frequency in which it was entered?


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Hi @jason

This error comes when i try to get the data in the same level as entered.

Hi @dguambe,

regarding this issue, would you be able to reproduce it in our Play/2.38dev environment, and send us the details about how to reproduce the same scenario? If you could open a JIRA with all details (following this template/structure), even better.

Thanks in advance,

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