Error importing TEI with Curl

Hi, I seem to be getting errors when importing a TEI with 2.25/6 using the format specified in the section: ‘1.59. Tracked entity instance management’.

      { "trackedEntity": "MCPQUTHX1Ze", "orgUnit": "X0jG3c6VjWv", "attributes": [ { "attribute": "ngLOaG22Yun", "value": "Mark" }, { "attribute": "oM0uMQ3oiNY", "value": "1979" }, { "attribute": "EEk95ZmIVpN", "value": "true" }
] }

And then also, when creating a TEI, can I specify a trackedEntityInstance id such as in the case below, which I can also reference for program stages?

{“trackedEntityInstances”:[{“trackedEntity”: “MCPQUTHX1Ze”,“trackedEntityInstance”: “hcmT38B09Df”,“orgUnit”: “XAY48PSWV4K”,“inactive”: false,“relationships”:[],

“attributes”:[{“attribute”: “git4nzCbOfD”,“value”: “6347”},{“attribute”: “oM0uMQ3oiNY”,“value”: “1973”},{“attribute”: “CS9u6jnRwk5”,“value”: “2”},{“attribute”: “qf9aoX061Cl”,“value”: “2”}],

“enrollments”:[{“orgUnit”: “XAY48PSWV4K”,“program”: “SlDuWuPOqeH”,“enrollmentDate”: “2017-01-01”,“incidentDate”: “2017-01-01”,“status”:“ACTIVE”}]},





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