Error 409 on 2.32.1 Classic Data Visualizer and Data Visualizer


I am experiencing error 409 “Atleast one data dimension item or data element group set dimension item must be specified”, on the Classic Data Visualizer and Data Visualizer Apps. Using version 2.32.1 build version 290d889 and build date 2019-07-04 21:53 . Any clues on what could be causing this? Or how to resolve this?

Could you please check if you have items in the Selected Area under Data Dimension?
If you have items in the selected area and problem still exists then you need to check the sharing settings for these items.

[quote=“Mbongeni_D_Chizonda, post:1, topic:36975”]
on the Classic Data Visualizer and Data Visualizer Apps.
[/quote] Does this mean it works with Pivot Tables?

NOTE: In most cases this error will show if user has limited or no access to Data elements and the categories.

Let me know if issue still persists.

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Hi Emma,

Thanks for the feedback. I had selected an item under the data dimension. I have Superuser rights on the instance i was using. I created an indicator with the details below and that is what i was trying to analyse. I get the same error for pivot,classic data visualiser and data visualizer.

numerator description: Facilities reporting 0 Stockout Days
numerator expression: if(#{HE3dUgDrvhc} < 1, OUG{GTqro508SZf},0)
Denominator description: All reporting facilities
denominator expression: OUG{GTqro508SZf}

@Jim_Grace @Scott @Eric_Munyambabazi @ismail any guidance on this

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Hi @Mbongeni_D_Chizonda there sims to be an issue with how you have configured the indicator. Let us have a look at it together in your instance.



Thanks Ismail

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