Enrolment output for Pivot table style (aggregation report for multi-sateg output)

It seems there are multi-stage (Enrolment) reporting in DHIS2 Event reports since 2.33 version; But I cant find why this is only available for "Line list" Table style and not even 'Pivot table" (for aggregation data). In this [doc](https://docs.dhis2.org/2.32/en/developer/html/webapi_enrollment_analytics.html#), it says :"The enrollment analytics API lets you access aggregated event data and query enrollments with their event data captured in DHIS2". It is available from 2.32 version. I wonder to know if there any doc or idea that says why DHIS2 hasnt this kind of report yet? Or when It will be available in DHIS2?

Hi @FireForce,

Can you explain your use case a bit more, like what kind of analysis or reports would you like to generate?