Enrolling TEI in a different Org Unit to the parent using relationships

Hi All

I am working with 2 tracker programs with relationships. The first program, we register a “suspect animal” at Org Unit A (being at the community level). However, we want to link an “exposed human” to this “suspect animal” in relationships. This is all working well, but we would like to register the “exposed human” to a specific clinic (Org Unit A-B) which falls within the Org Unit A (this clinic is one of several clinics within that specific community). However, when registering a new patient using the relationships, the enrolling Org Unit is automatically selected as Org Unit A, with no option to select another one. Is there any way to change this so that the patient can be enrolled in Org Unit A-B?

I understand that doing a referral would be one option (albeit cumbersome), but was wondering whether there would be any other easier work-around/solution.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.

I am using v2.30 build revision 853d10f on Windows 10, Chrome.


Hey @Terence_Scott,
Thank you for the post. In the new capture app we are designing for this use case, but the current tracker capture does not have this capability. The only option I can see to acheive what you want in the current user interface is to register one TEI in Org Unit A, then swithc to Org Unit B and register the second TEI, then adding the relationship between the two already existing TEI.

It would be great if you could submit the above as a jira user story, and make a comment about the version you are on.

Thank you,


Hi @Markus

Thanks for the response and the advice. I have created a JIRA user story as suggested. It can be found here: 1. DHIS2-6099

I am also really glad to hear that this is something that the developers are considering for the next version! :grinning:


@Markus, when is this planned? Because this is one of the features we are looking for COVID-19 contact tracing / linking between two TEIs.

Plus are you planning to release the app independently - releasing it to deploy for older versions like 2.341?