Enroll customer into two different organisations

Hi there,

I need to register the same customer inside the same program into two different organisation, so data entered should be seen only within the organisation where customer registered.

I know we can register the same customer with a single unique identifier by using breaking glass, but this is not a solution.

The real case is some customers could be enrolled into two different organisations as may be identified as TB or HIV person and get service from two different organisation, although the content of the template the same. Therefore I need somehow isolate the records of TB from the records about HIV and vice-versa.

Any suggestions?

Thank you.


Hi @Ulanbek :slight_smile:
Thank you for your post and interesting question! If I understand your question correctly, does the screenshot illustrate your need?

So from the screenshot, we have two different facilities (Oranization Units) that provide different services and we want the same Tracked Entity Instance TEI to be enrolled in both OUs at the same time?

If my understanding is correct, then in this case, you’d probably need to have different programs for each different service. For example, the TB only facilities will appear in the TB program and the HIV only facilities will appear in the HIV program (and if there are facilities that provide both services, you’d add them to both programs from the Access configuration of the program.)

For example, the same entity below is enrolled in different OUs at the same time and in different programs:

I hope this helps!

Hi @Gassim

Thank you for your reply. The picture and situation you have illustrated exactly what I need to achieve.

Another thing is why I don’t need separate TB and HIV program: a customer may belong 2 different groups, as service providers can provide only certain type of services. But all the rest collected datas are same except customer’s key-group, and there is no need to separate it into 2 programs.
I even have looked when I can create client unique identifier unique only inside one organisation

but this is not a solution, as in this case in the tracker program we may register two clients instead of one, which is a client duplication and wrong.

So would be great if those 2 organisations could have the same client but couldn’t get access to the each others events data including all stages created by the other OU, although TEI-id could be the same.

Maybe there is no way so far, but would be great to have such ability in the future

Thank you @Gassim