Empty Programtsageinstances

I have noticed in the database that there are a lot of “empty” programstageinstances. On closer investigation is appears that when you do the following steps:

  1. click the "+"to add a new programstage (event) for an entity,

  2. Save the new event

  3. Add values for the dataelements,

  4. and click “Back”

…that the datavalues are not stored. Selecting that entity again and going back into that programstageinstance (event) shows no values for the dataelements. So the users are under the impression they have entered the data but in fact nothing was stored.

If you then enter the datavalues (after first going “back”), then they are stored.

If you do the following steps:

  1. click the "+"to add a new programstageinstance (event) for an entity,

  2. Save the new event

  3. and click “Back” without entering any datavalues

  4. Then select the entity again,

  5. Select the programstageinstance (event)

  6. Add values for the dataelements

  7. and click “Back”

…then the datavalues are stored.

These events are not auto-generated. So the user have to go in, create and save the event, and then enter the values for the dataelements.

Any comments or advice? Version 2.19, Build 19144


Ant Snyman

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