Embedding maps with the GIS map plug-in Issue

Hi Developers,

I need some guidance on using the GIS map-plugin to render country’s map and the polygons for its provinces.

Item List

  1. I would like to render the DRC map on and the polygons for its organisation units.

  2. Thereafter, when a user right clicks(or hover) on each polygon, charts and key information associated with the particular OU should be shown

Is this item list achievable using the GIS map plug-in???

What I have done so far?

  • Using the “Embedding maps with the GIS map plug-in” concept available in the developer manual, I defined a map ID for one OU just to see if it will be displayed on the map(See attached javascript code in index.html file), and it is not being rendered.

Error: See picture attached and on the screen, it continues to say “Loading”

Kindly advise

Kind Regards,


index.html (3.28 KB)