Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Hospital Information System for openER

Dear Developers.

I would like to share opensource project for Hospital Information System. I think it will be useful.

For more info: Please follow link here http://medical.sourceforge.net/

SCREENSHOT 1: Patient record / Lifestyle http://medical.sourceforge.net/img/patient.png

SCREENSHOT 2: Evaluation http://medical.sourceforge.net/img/patient_evaluation.png

SCREENSHOT 3: Imaging http://medical.sourceforge.net/img/imaging.png

SCREENSHOT 4: Medicament http://medical.sourceforge.net/img/medicament.png

SCREENSHOT 5: Genetics http://medical.sourceforge.net/img/genetics.png

SCREENSHOT 6: Main Menu http://medical.sourceforge.net/img/main_menu.png


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Thanks, it’ll come in handy. Maybe you can help me. Looking for a good guide on how to create emr software. I’m attaching a link to an article I’ve already read.