Editing a TEI that is searchable

Dear devs,

I am sorry if I am asking basic staff, but imagine the following trival case. If there is a TEI enrolled to a program in the OU1 (Ngelehun CHC in screenshots) and the TEI is searchable from any OU within the hierarchy (for instance in the screenshot from Njandama MCHP

). Even if my user has Data capture permissions in the whole structure, I am not able to edit that form unless I select the correct owned OU.

What is the rationality behind that? From my humble point of view I should also be able to edit that TEI if it is searchable and editable (no matter the OU selected). Perhaps I am losing something. To help you understand our context, in the demo scenario it is easy to identify where the patient is registered, but our scenario would be rather to have a “Child program” assigned to the OU Neonatology (parent OU: Facility A), Neonatology (parent OU: Facility B), etc. And for this reason it is hard to identify where the TEI has been registered once you have to edit its information.




If you need further explanations please let me know.