Edit Enrollment Date in Tracker Capture

Hi. Is it possible to edit the enrollment date in the Tracker Capture Application?

In older versions of DHIS2, it’s not possible for users to edit the Enrolment Date once it has been captured.

In recent versions of DHIS2 (eg 2.30), it’s possible for users to edit/update the Enrolment Date, but only if no events are scheduled based on it. If your configuration includes Program Stages that have ‘autogenerate event’ ticked, and also have ‘generate events based on enrolment date’ ticked, then that means that future/scheduled events are automatically created based on the enrolment date - and so DHIS2 then blocks any subsequent changes to the enrolment date.

(Note that the same thing goes for Incident Date: if ‘autogenerate’ is ticked and ‘generate events based on enrolment date’ is not ticked, then users will not be able to change the Incident Date.)


Hi @vikwato and @SamuelJohnson,
I’m waking up the topic, I would like to know if it is possible to edit the enrollment date within the program rule, the idea would be at a certain stage, take the date of the event and assign it to the enrollment.
Thank you

Hi Abdul

Did you manage?

No, I ended up changing the approach.

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