Dynamically build a cluster of orgunits with the DHIS2 GIS using web APIs


I’m using a spatio-temporal analysis software that takes data element values from DHIS2 and computes incidence clusters which correspond, from the DHIS2 view, to a set of orgunits identified by their uids. The software outputs a csv file containing these uids. I would like then to dynamically build a corresponding map with the DHIS2 GIS module showing these clusters, using the web APIs. It should consist in :

  1. creating the boundary layers showing all orgunits being at the same level as the clusters uid

  2. creating a thematic layer that assigns the same “value” to the orgunits of the cluster and associate them with a legend set

I can’t see with the Web API documentation how to start doing this. Can I have your help please ?

Thanking you in advance.

Kind regards,