Download of Linelist in Event Report in DHIS2 2.36 Limited to 50 records

Hi, Currently Testing DHIS2 version 2.36 on Test instance for COVID-19 Vaccine Registry and have just noticed that records are limited just 50 when Download from the Event Report in either csv or xls formats. this use not to be case except if you were downloading in advanced format which gives 100 records. I have checked this on on Demo instance for 2.36 on and it also behaved the Same. is there a fix for this or is known issue? when will it be fixed?

Hey would you like to create a Jira issue for this issue? It’s the best way for the developers to follow up on it while everyone else receive updates on the status of the issue. Let me know if you need assistance creating the Jira issue. Thank you!

Thank you @Gassim . That has been done as well. Hope it is resolved soon.

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Thank you letting me know! (:

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