Double indicators and data elements out of order in aggregate section form (v 2.28)

I created a section form that includes disaggregated data elements, aggregated data elements, and indicators. I arranged data elements in desired order (including disaggregated ones) and indicators as well. When I opened the data set in Data Entry, the disaggregated indicators have been moved to the top (this is not where they are in the maintenance section tool) and then I see indicators, the aggregate data elements, and the indicators again. How can I fix this?

I am on version 2.28.

I just checked and this is an issue on v2.30 as well.

Hello Blake,

Sorry for the delay here.

@jomutsani or @Emma_Kassy, can you see whether you are able to reproduce @berhard’s issue? Blake, did you reproduce it on the 2.30 play demo? If so, perhaps Emma and James can assist you on creating a Jira issue for this.


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