Does Capture and Tracker Capture apps work in area with low internet access?

We are trying to implement a tracker program. We are using the Capture and Tracker Capture apps. But the area has low internet connection. I want to find out if the Capture and Tracker Capture apps work in area with low internet connection?

Hi @jetisco4u ,
yes it works in places without any internet. I have several implementations with locations with Internet difficulties. What should happen is a coordination so that the cell phone or tablet from time to time go to a place with Internet to synchronize the information. It is also important when the Tablet goes to the site with poor connectivity to have already logged into the application with synchronized metadata. And another aspect, you should minimize the Metadata update as much as possible, an alternative is to make new metadata available monthly.


Thanks for the head up. We are using an android phone for the exercise. This part will do I supposed. After the real time experience if there is any challenge I will share again.

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Hello @jetisco4u

The Android App was specifically developed with this in mind. It can be fully used without Internet as long as the device performs an initial synchornization. Then you will need Internet again to send the data to the server.

We have official documentation in our website explaining how to use Android but if you need any further help feel free to post it here and I will do my best to support you.


@jaime.bosque thanks for the insight. For now we largely use an Android mobile phone and not the app. So, I was more interested in knowing if it the web version can also work in area with low internet connection on mobile device.

I see, I cannot provide you with much help. I am not sure how those Apps behave under cuts of Internet, maybe someone from the @tracker-frontend can provide better insight.

Not that I am lobbying for what I know, but I am wondering, why wouldn’t you use the Android App in a situation like this? Is there something missing in the App that blocks you from using it?

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Well we have just started using this feature and have not looked into the App based on the budget and resources for the project. Besides, we have a host of custom Apps for data capturing using PWA features and are working fine with the web version.

I see, then let’s wait for the @tracker-frontend team to provide an answer… Maybe @Gassim can follow up.

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Hi there @jetisco4u!

Tracker Capture has very limited offline capability, but will save each field as the user enters data - this minimizes data loss if the internet goes down.

In Capture we support intermittent connectivity use cases. What we mean by this is that when a user is working in the app, and internet is gone for a few minutes, the user can finish the form they are in, and the data will be sent to the server once the internet is back. For single event programs, the user can even enter multiple events, and the events are sent once internet is back. In event programs it will be possible to work(doing data entry) for quite a while without internet. If switching org units or programs, or working in tracker programs, a user will quickly get to a spot where internet is required.

The reason for the difference in behavior is that the Capture app does not keep a local database of tracker or event data, and in use cases when access to this data is required a user cannot continue until internet is back.

There is a few exceptions, as we have some data types that require calls to the server to work. The following data types will require internet to work:

  • Org unit
  • Username
  • Coordinate
  • File
  • Image

I hope this helps, reach out if you want any further clarifications.

Best regards,

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