Display program indicators and disaggregated targets on same visual

Wondering if there’s a way to apply disaggregates (data dimensions) to only one part of a pivot table. We collect tracker data, query through program indicators by age and sex. We’d like to display this against targets which are disaggregated by age and sex. The indicator value and target show up fine, until I apply the disaggregates, then only the targets show up (it makes sense but wanted to see if anyone had a workaround or something I’m missing besides making a separate data element for each age/sex breakdown. Thanks!

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I’m not sure if there is a way to do this - but I would definitely support a feature which made this possible!

I think we’ve got round a similar issue by making indicators which just contain one data element with its disaggregation applied - you can then use these on on a table along with the non-disaggregated data elements. But it sounds like that’s what you’re trying to avoid having to do.

Thanks for the quick reply!!! Sounds like I need to import the targets with a separate data element for each indicator and each age/sex disaggregate in order to be able to drill down and see progress by age/sex. :frowning: It would be a cool feature to be able to select “by data item” for the disaggregates the way you can for legends!

I guess another option is to set up indicators for proportions? So you wouldn’t be able to visualize the numeric achievements vs targets on the same visual (disaggregated) but you could do proportions?

Do you mean proportions of the targets met? I’ve found this is the most useful for visualizing targets. I also add a legend to colour code them in pivot tables.

Sadly, I’ve found DHIS2 is quite limiting when it comes to working with targets in general.