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Hi all,

Simply want to find out the reason why while designing data collection section form, dhi2 system doesn’t provide possibility of assigning calculated data elements! I am using version 2.13 build 12947 of 2014-01-20 21:20


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Hi Marcos,

There are a couple of options, but I’m not sure how they interact with different DHIS-2 functions.

  1.   You can set the closed date = I think that is used when a facility closes but you want to keep all of the historical records.  In theory, if a facility is closed you should not be able to enter new data for it (but you may also have to remove it from the dataset) and it should not appear in the list of facilities that should report after the closing date.
  2.   You could set registers data to No – I’m not sure what that does with historical data – but at least it is an attribute that you can query on easily.
  3.   You could create a custom yes/no attribute for organization units:  Active.  This will display in the orgunit edit screen, but you may not see it if you want to use it to select data through the regular data analytics tools.


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Subject: [Dhis2-users] Inactive Organisation Unit


Someone know how to set an organisational unit as inactive without delete it?


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