Disabling inactive users new 2.36 feature - behaviour over metadata sync

There’s a great new system job in the latest 2.36 of DHIS2 which disables inactive users who haven’t logged in for a certain period. Excellent!

How does this behaviour interact with the metadata sync?

A central cloud-based DHIS2 has a series of locally hosted “offline” DHIS2 which periodically connect to the cloud server and sync data and metadata via the DHIS2 core sync. When user accounts are created, it is done on the central cloud-based server and these cascade to the local machines during sync. Users are created for the purpose of (a) users logging in on local servers, and (b) users who are meant to carry out work on the central cloud DHIS2. It would therefore be useful to have the system job running on both the cloud and local servers, to disable users on both who aren’t logging in.
However, if a user account is created on the cloud server with the intention of being used locally, then the user won’t ever log in to the cloud and the system job would disable their account on the cloud. Presumably, then, the next metadata sync would then proceed to disable their account locally also. Which would mean all local users would be disabled out of their local accounts.

Is there a way around this? Has this been considered in the implementing of this feature please?

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This works as a great discussion in the implementation category, thanks @bhansen! Eventually you can create a Jira request feature issue on jira.dhis2.org

I will move the topic to the implementation category.