DigiHealthSpace Released!

HISP Indonesia is delighted to present the first learning platform in Indonesia specialized in health data and system “DigiHealthSpace”.

We collaborate with Castellum Digital Indonesia and University of Oslo to build this platform in order to help health workers who’ve handled various health data and systems.

The platform provides modules and videos that make the users can explore the knowledge more especially focusing on the analysis of data and use of health information systems. Classes for the usability of DHIS2 is now available on DHS.

IT’S FREE!! Everyone can access and learn. Kindly check the platform out on dhs.hispindonesia.org now!!

We’re also pleased to open to any collaboration request from everyone here who willing to strengthen the health information system and contribute in material contents in order to enhance the use of data and system.


Well done. Its user friendly

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Congrats, great initiative and slick site. Good use of React.

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