Different user roles for specified program stages

Hi Bs. Tran Quy Phi

We actually have a similar process for our program and have also run into the same challenges that you faced. I was wondering whether there was any particular solution that you came across to resolve this issue.

I notice that @em.hispvietnam mentioned the creation of 2 separate programs, but I was wondering if there was any other way around?

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Hi @Terence_Scott, if I understand the problem correctly you can achieve this by using “Sharing settings” on program stages. For instance, if you want user A to only see the first stage you can add the user to a “user group” and set that user group to have write access to the first stage and no access to the other stages. If you want a user B to see the first stage and also the other/next stages you would add that user to a different user group and set that user group to have read access to the first stage and write access to the other stages.


Hi @lukasewvd

Thanks very much for the answer - that makes complete sense! I am still wrapping my head around 2.30 at the moment with some of the changes and that simply did not occur to me.

Thanks for the help!


This new feature (sharing permissions for individual program stages) works well. But a word of caution: if you have complex program rules, check that they still work properly for these restricted users. Any data in non-shared program stages is hidden not just from these users, but also from the program rules themselves - so some of your program rules (eg data quality checks against previous events) may fail to fire for these restricted users.