Dhistance Launch

INTRODUCING: Dhistance, First-ever Self-Service DHIS2 SaaS Platform

Setting up DHIS2 the right way involves installation and configuration of a range of components. This process is time-consuming and requires specialized personnel with strong skills in Linux, database systems, web servers and more. All these can be done using Dhistance. It is the first-ever self-service DHIS2 software as a service platform that allows you to host and set up your own DHIS2 in minutes.

Dhistance is an innovative product developed by eHealth4everyone, a leading Nigeria-based digital health social enterprise founded by a group of eHealth enthusiasts dedicated to making the world healthier.

Dhistance goes beyond the basics. It provides lots of additional services which will improve ease of management, stability, security and performance of your DHIS2 instance. These include:

  • No setup fee
  • Best Practice Installation
  • Uptime and Support
  • Reliable Backup of Database and Application
  • Updates and Patching of Operating System and Middleware
  • Help Desk
  • Server Resource Scaling
  • SSL Encryption Security
  • Fully Self-serviced

Dhistance is fully operational and available to anyone, anywhere in the world. Visit www.dhistance.com to create your DHIS2 instance today!