DHIS2 Web App

Hello, I have a question in DHIS2 Web app.
When I try to add a relationship and click on the Register button, I don’t have access to register.
Could you please advice how to solve it !! @marta @Karoline

Dear @dina.mazloum,

the configuration of relationships might be failing.

Please make sure that you have the relationship type properly configured (the relationship type should use the tracked entity type of your program in the “from” side), accesible for your user (configure sharing settings of the relationship type to make it visible to your user).

Please find below some related documnetation:

I am asking about the role.
I already shared with you a screenshot to your email. Could you please check it? @marta

Hi Dina,

If the screenshot has no private information please sahre it here. If it does, please send it as private message here as well.


Hello Mrs Vila,

I shared the screenshot in a private message.

Thank you in advance