[DHIS2 - Users] Problems with reports and data import and data entry at district level

Hi All

I am Zara Kamara HMIS Specialist in Sierra Leone using this forum for
the first time.
I have 3 issues.
1) I cant seem to be able to import any data coming in
from the districts into the national server (We are on a distributed
server system with hope of being online soon )

2) I cant get reports. I usually use the Dataset reports
and the Pivot tables. When I request one especially the dataset report
it returns the form but with no aggregated data attached to it.

3) Just this morning a data entry clerk in one of the districts
reported being unable to do data entry. He enters a value and gets the
following message --> Saving value failed with status code

Kindly help.

Zara Kamara


Zara K.