DHIS2 Training in Kampala Uganda

Hello Team. HISP Uganda in collaboration with Makerere University College of Computing and Information Sciences and University of Oslo Department of Informatics (UiO) conduct custom tailored DHIS2 trainings in DHIS2 setup, implementation, and use. HISP Uganda DHIS2 Training Courses are designed, built, and taught by experts in health informatics and surveillance who have successfully implemented large number of scaled DHIS2 instances. These courses teach participants how to utilize DHIS2 tools for dynamic, timely and quality program monitoring using hands-on approach. Our world class trainers, instructors and lecturers strive to spark critical thinking through analysis of real data from multiple program scenarios, using a customized DHIS2 server for HISP courses. Lessons are presented through lectures, worked examples, practice exercises and live discussions. Every pertinent aspect of DHIS2 functionality is covered in detail; having taken every course, students will have the capability of supporting a broad range of DHIS2 implementations. The material has been designed to be intense but not overwhelming, and is presented at a measured pace. DHIS2 is quickly becoming the information system of choice for health programs and professionals. For successful health system management, data must not only be collected, but also actively analyzed, validated, visualized and mapped to enable quality, evidence-based decisions. DHIS2, with its data storage, data visualization and mapping capabilities coupled with a customizable user interface, mobile phone data collection modules and reporting engines provides the means to support health professionals to make data-driven decisions quickly. DHIS2 courses will equip participants with a fundamental understanding of the overall DHIS2 system structure and functionalities. DHIS2 implementation and surveillance systems experts will discuss live applications in mobile surveillance to emphasize the power of DHIS2. Additionally, participants will be introduced to data analysis concepts necessary for advancement through subsequent DHIS2 training courses. Please find attached Advert which you can print and put on the public Notice Board and DHIS2 admission form which you can share with your staff(s) and the filled form sent back to me and or to ekyobutungi@cit.ac.ug or hispug@hispuganda.org

Thank you. Devious Kanyesigye HISP Uganda Plot 36, Impala Avenue, Kololo P.O. Box 4750, Kampala Tel: +256 701404250/ +256 782404873 Email: kanydevi@gmail.com
Website: [www.hispuganda.org](http://www.hispuganda.org/)

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