DHIS2-tracker: Anonymous entry with 2 Organization Units

Hi all,

There is a requirement from Maternal Form in Vietnam for the Anonymous entry with 2 OUs:

  1. Health facility (HF): the facility which provides the delivery services, e.g: hospitals

  2. Health station (HS): the administration unit of the mothers/babies (normally extracted from the address’ inputs), e.g: wards, districts, etc.

And there are 3 entry forms for this program: a main maternal form from hospital, and the other 2 forms for administration units (wards/districts/) : to collect the name of the babies and to collect the extra cases (mother information and the baby’s).

And the usage of these two OUs information for one Anonymous case:

  1. Health facility (HF) : for the data input (maternal form), most of the cases of Maternal Form program are from the hospitals

And for the output: aggregate reports by hospitals and by hospitals/users (users who log in and entry for the anonymous form/case)

  1. Health station (HS) : for the data input (baby_names and extra cases), and the data is from the wards/districts.

And for the output: aggregate reports by units (wards/districts) and by units/users (users who log in and entry for the above 2 forms: baby-names and extra cases)

Currently, this has not been supported by global.

For local implementation, we wish have this support as soon as possible.

Any ideas/suggestions for this?


Best regards,
Kim-Anh Vo