DHIS2 Tools - latest official / supported release?

@bobj and others

Where can I find the latest DHIS2 tools supported / latest release?
Google brings up this repo: https://github.com/dhis2/dhis2-tools
It doesn’t appear to have had updates in a while and the ng folder is empty, however, navigating to bobjoliffe’s profile, I see a dhis2-tools-ng repo that appears to be getting updates there:
GitHub - bobjolliffe/dhis2-tools-ng: Next generation dhis2-tools
This appears to favour lxd - is this an officially supported installation method, or is it a work in progress? I see the installation guide for 2.34 (appears to) reference the much older DHIS2 tools. We are in the process of deploying a new server and I would like to proceed with the preferred supported method. Currently we are comfortable deploying using Docker (better isolation) and our own scripting but may want to consider switching to a preferred officially supported tool set (LXD?).


Hi Edward

Currently the officially supported repo is GitHub - bobjolliffe/dhis2-tools-ng: Next generation dhis2-tools. It is on my todo list to bring that back into the dhis2 set of repositories. I had started by splitting the existing repository as you saw, but I think that was a mistake and I will revert that. There are still a number of users (fortunately shrinking) looking to continue with the old tools so we might actually do one more release using tomcat9.

But for ongoing community support we are encouraging implementers to use the lxd based setup mostly for the purpose of isolation as you point out.

If you are already comfortable deploying docker then there might not be any serious advantage to shift. There are pros and cons to both approaches to containerisation, but comfort with one or the other is always an important factor.

There are now quite a lot of implementations using the new lxd approach so there is a growing community around it which obviously has some advantages. It is nonetheless also a work in progress.

I gave a presentation at DAC2020 of a short overview of the new tools. The recoding is available here if you want to take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p3zWNFp1Wug&list=PLo6Seh-066Ry07Eicb2QhE3B5URWZPbb2&index=33&ab_channel=DHIS2.



Hi Bob, thanks for the feedback and the video, I’ll definitely have a look at that. I’ve deployed using LXD and while I do like it’s simplicity, the scalability of Docker given the many tools available (Kubernetes, Rancher, etc.) appealed to me, but I’m absolutely happy with either in most production environments. Of course, as you mentioned, the LXD/LXC approach may enjoy more support from the community so that’s definitely a consideration.
Thanks again!

Hi Bob
How to restore ny backup, from this new version?
How to update the version of dhis2 to the latest version.
Thank you

Hi @daniel1,
Please provide more details about your instance. What is the version number? Where it’s installed? Thanks!