DHIS2 to Power Bi (track entitiy attributes)

Is there any who can guide me on how to connect tracker program data points DHIS2 to Power Bi. When I tried to get data from DHIS2 by using a connector, only data element values appeared. I can’t find the column for track entity attributes (eg, client ID, gender).


Dear Kyaw,
On get data use web then put in the api like the one below: You have to know how to handle DHIS2 tracker data in Power BI. Some steps have to be taken for you to see the data.

This works in version



Thank you so much, it works properly. what about data elements of multiple stages in the program which is related to tracked entity, could you please guide how to find api?

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Hie, I’m assuming you mean events (data) of multiple stages. In that case the following api will do. I usually use data from one stage at a time, in that case I use programStage=xxxxxxxxxxxx in the api. This data is linked to the TEI to see the events associated with each TEI.


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