DHIS2 Raw Data Exporting Using PHP cURL Technology

Dear Respected All,

Hope every one is doing fine. As per our logistics development in DHIS2, i have attached here the raw data export technology as follows:

Business Scenario or users:

  1. If you want to make an external dashboard by using DHIS2 collected data, you can use this technology/script
  2. If you want to analysis raw data of DHIS2 in External System, you may use this script.
  3. You can export Organization Units, Data Sets, Data Element Groups, Data Elements and Data Value Set.
  4. You can bridge two different systems by using this script.
  5. Schedule Based Data Export from DHIS2

**Necessary Requirements:
**1. Apache Server
2. MySQL or any other Database
3. DHIS2 User Authentication, Data Set, Data Elements

Technology: PHP, jQuery, DHIS2 Web API, MySQL

Solution Steps:

Step-1: Local Database Configuration
Step-2, 3: User Interface and jQuery Script
Step-4: Organization Unit and Elements making as an array
Step-5: PHP Script by using DHIS2 Web API link
Step-6: Schedule Writing in Control Panel
Step-7: Final Result

Att-1: Implement guideline

Att-2: Source Code and Database

If you need any kind of Support please knock me any time.

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Julhas Sujan
Java Consultant
Management Science for Health(MSH)
USAID, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Cell: +8801989 442856
Skype: julhas08
Web: www.julhas.info

DHIS2 Data Export By PHP cURL Technology.pdf (600 KB)

Source Code of DHIS2 Data Export.zip (8.46 KB)

Hi Julhas,

I am new to DHIS2 but would like to create a similar script to export raw data from a DHIS2 instance. Would you have some more examples that can help me using PHP and Curl.

I would like to adapt to my needs if possible,



Dear Macdonald,

Thank you for your email. You can find some custom scripts here:


Thank you so much Julhas, on it now

Hi Julhas,

I am making some good progress customizing to my DHIS2 instance. Please may you kindly also provide me with your css and other layout folders, battling to get a layout that resembles or is so similar to DHIS2 as your?