DHIS2 - Issues with Metadata export-import & Data Sync


I am using two instances of DHIS and have a couple of issues regarding metadata export-import. Both instances are running on version 2.22 currently.

Issue 1:

I have exported metadata from one instance of DHIS and imported that into another instance of DHIS. But the import process fails at users. When I try importing metadata without “users”, import is successful.

While importing metadata with users, The log says - “**object references an unsaved transient instance”. **

Issue 2:

When metadata is imported from one instance to another, the programs become unassigned to the user roles (that were previously assigned in the first instance) and hence do not appear on the Tracker Capture or Event Capture apps on DHIS2.

Issue 3:

Data Synchronisation between two DHIS instances is not happening. Data is entered on one instance and scheduling is enabled for Data Sync. The log says “Import Successful”. But the values do not show up on the other DHIS instance. I’ve cleared cache and tried. Still, doesn’t work.

Could you please help fix these?



Archana Chillala
Application Developer
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