DHIS2 in the Education Sector in Uganda

Uganda has started a pilot the use of DHIS2 in the education sector - Education Management Information Systems (EMIS), starting with two districts. HISP Uganda leading this pilot project, with funding from NORAD. The District management has shown alot of interest and excitement about this pilot and has pledged support the initiative.

The Resident District Commissioner (RDC) also pledged his support and willingness to share the initiative with the President and the Minister of Education (The First Lady of Uganda).

During the orientation visits and showcasing the prototype in the districts; some schools were visits to further gather information needs and analysis; a number of schools currently display information on blackboards and manila papers.

At the districts there is barely any trace of analysis and data presentation to which dhis2 dashboard would be handy. The initiative has been tagged to the existing capacity at the district in the Health sector to would share resources and help mentor the education counterparts.

Watch the space:

Current storage of reports at districts

District Inspectors testing data entry

HISP Uganda Patrick Omiel showcasing the prototype


This is a great one.

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This is great Prosper, please keep sharing your experience, challenges.

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Where can i get the link to DHIS2 for education demo here?

Hi @mariak – you can find the DHIS2 for Education demo here: EMIS Gambia - Demo

The generic login information is displayed on the demo login page.