DHIS2 Experts Academy: Discussion topic #3 & #4

Dear CBS community,

Sorry for the delay in posting the last two discussion topics from the CBS session at the DHIS2 Expert Academy in August 2017.

Please find them below - and do add your thoughts and comments by replying to the mailing list. Due to time constraints, there was not that much time to discuss these two last topics in depth. Therefore, do add your input if you were in the session as well.

3) On outbreak response functionality:
Which requirements of the latest outbreak simulation exercise - or actual outbreak - in your country can be efficiently handled by DHIS2, and which cannot (at least currently)?

4) On zoonotic diseases:
What level of Info system integration between the health and agriculture/wildlife sectors (aka zoonotic diseases) should we aim for?

Looking forward to hearing the community's input and experiences.

Best regards,

Karoline Tufte Lien (MSc Demography & Health)
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Health Information Systems Programme (HISP)
Department of Informatics
University of Oslo

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