DHIS2 event capture and moving through fields using tab

We are using DHIS2 version 2.31, event capture to enter case based surveillance.
The form includes several data elements (fields), with 30% having option sets (drop down lists).
When moving from field to another field using the tab button, the data elements with option sets are skipped.
I will be thankful if you can assist in using tab button to move from data element to another even if option set based.


Hi @Esumohleb,

We are facing the same challenge (but in tracker capture app). This behaviour was happening in versions prior to 2.30 but for some reason it changed. I might understand that this is a fussy request, but it would really save a huge amount of time when encoding data.

I wrote a Jira request regarding this but not really noticed. Hope anyone can advice us in this time.


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