[Dhis2-devs] Digit group separator in pivot table - what should the default value be?

Hi Lars,

Since most people would export to excel and excel in turn would ignore the space hence making it “no separator” option as you mentioned, I would suggest that the comma be used as it quickly gives the number scale at a glance.

But whichever way, the majority carries the vote I guess.



On 4 May 2016 8:56 am, Lars Helge Øverland lars@dhis2.org wrote:

Hi all,

many thanks for all the feedback. Will make this configurable per system then given the all the various opinions.

Another point of clarification: It seems that space is a preferred separator in the Web based pivot table. However, when downloading to Excel, it seems space is useless as it makes Excel interpret the cell as text, not numbers.

So as a short term solution (which could be back-ported) could be that when downloading to Excel, the system could fall back to no separator when space is selected as separator. This because space never seems useful for Excel spreadsheets.

Would that work?