[Dhis2-devs] DHIS 2 Android Tracker Capture and Event Capture =

official release


From: dnmuturi@gmail.com
To: simen_russnes@hotmail.com
CC: dhis2-users@lists.launchpad.net=3B dhis2-devs@lists.launchpad.net

Hi Simens=2C
I have removed all the rules in my program=2C synchronized with the server =
but I am still getting the error. I have sent another bug report.
On 22 Sep 2015 11:20=2C "Simen Skogly Russnes" <simen_russnes@hotmail.com> = wrote:
Hi David. Thanks for reporting this. I think we got a crash report from you=
this morning around 6am=2C correct? We were having some problems with hand=
ling invalid ProgramRules it seems but hopefully we can have it fixed today=