DHIS2 Data Approval Notifications

Hi community,

Would like to find out if there is a mechanism to send out notifications after data is approved.


Hi @ckamb

Sorry, strangely I didn’t see your post!

It depends on the approval, I guess. For example, if you select the approval to be for an enrollment it means you can trigger the notification once an enrollment happens and thus send a notification.

There are the only options I can find

and I can’t find a program rule yet to check approvals.

You could create a feature request please (at jira.dhis2.org) if you’d like and give it detailed description as well as all steps to reproduce.

Thank you!

Hi @Gassim ,

Thank you for your response.

Will go ahead and create a feature request.

What we needed was notification messages everytime data is approved at all levels of org unit for all aggregate reports. For example, once data has been approved at district level, the provincial level approver is notified that a district or districts have concluded with data approvals and its now time for the approver at provincial level to do the approval before it’s passed on to Country level approval.

At the moment, a user needs to keep checking on the Approval App to see if districts have approved for example, so that the provincial approver can proceed with approvals. Notifications would be nice to have.


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