DHIS2 - Custom categories subaggregated results

Hi devs,

Just an idea for your feedback.

We sometimes have DE with multiple categories where, for indicator calculations, we only need sub-aggregated results. Let me give an example:

Categories: Gender (2 options), Sector (10 options)

I have my indicator: number of women working in the country. Currently, the indicator equation definition box only shows an overall total (over both dimensions) and fully disaggregated (over both dimensions), such as this:

Workers (total)

Workers (male, sector1)

Workers (male, sector2)

Would it be possible to add subaggregated results to the list to facilitate indicator definition? The options lacking in this case would be:

Workers (total, sector1)

Workers (total, sector2)

Workers (male, total)

Workers (female, total)

It would be much easier to use the total number of female workers in indicator calculations.