DHIS2 continues to bomb

Thanks to Jo and Bob who hit the nail on the head. I reinstalled Tomcat, manually copied the war file, used the services>properties window to start Tomcat and was able to work fine. I am only able to have one of openmrs and dhis2 running at the same time, however. Tomcat chugged along at 50% CPU while I waited fruitlessly for a login and finally ran out of PermGen space, at least Tomcat dies without requiring a reboot. I am going to spend some time with the logs, something seems amiss with the listeners. But it is better to be able to have one app at a time than none at all. Now if I could just stop stroking my rabbit’s foot and making sure my coffee cup is on the right side of keyboard before starting Tomcat …


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I might have missed something here, but it does look fairly obvious that you are running openmrs in this tomcat instance?

If it is actually the case that you are running with pergen space of 1024m, that shouldn’t be enough to fill up perm gen, but I see
things like “The duplicate definition has been ignored.” suggesting that this instance is not being taken fully down on restart or that the same app is being loaded multiple times (typically filling up permgen)…

I think I would just suggest reinstalling a clean tomcat, remove everything in the webapps directory, add dhis2.war there and startup cleanly. I don’t know how easy that is on windows, though…