dhis2.com now a.k.a. dhis2.org

Can you link to the updated documentation as well, perhaps directly to
the Hudson server? Although it is not complete at the moment, I am
making good progress on the conversion/modification of the Indian
manuals, although it is looking more and more like a complete rewrite.
I will keep pressing forward, until I have to go back to my "real"
work. At the moment, the only link under documentation is to the GIS
docs. We do have a bit more. :slight_smile:



2010/1/19 Lars Helge 脴verland <larshelge@gmail.com>:

On Tue, Oct 27, 2009 at 10:16 AM, Ola Hodne Titlestad <olatitle@gmail.com> > wrote:


A few comments/suggestions:

The demo link on http://dhis2.org/node/8 does not work. Maybe use Knut's
link for now.

I like the functionality page, it is attractive. Although I have a few
suggestions to make it better cover all key aspects of DHIS.

Maybe add something like:

Edit all your metadata from the user interface
All metadata can flexibly be edited by the end user, such as what data
elements to collect, the forms to use, the organisational hierarchy and
much more.

Multidimensional data model
Improve data analysis and efficiency of data collection by creating custom
dimensions to your data.

Create your own validation rules to improve data quality
Set up custom expressions that validate your data, e.g "Live births under
2500g <= Total live births".

User management and access control
Control who has access to what using a fine-grained privilege system for
user roles and users.

Set up your integrated data repository
In DHIS you can store any kind of aggregated/statistical data which means
you can store and analyse data across data sources like service delivery,
human resources, census data, and equipment.

And move web based pivots down a bit, as this is not really the main
functionality of DHIS2.

I guess we can reduce the number of charts and number of maps a bit to
better cover all the core functionality without having to scroll down to

Move the maps up a bit, they are attractive.

Added most of it now.


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