DHIS2 Capture App: Two issues


I have been using DHIS2 Capture App (v1.2.3) for a project we are implementing and I have noticed the following:

  1. The android app does not capture GIS data even if you have given it all the permissions. I have been forced to come up with a work around by telling my data capturers to first share their location through whatsapp. After they do this, the app is able to caputre GIS data.

  2. What is the purpose of mandatory field in the app? Even if you have set a field as mandatory, you can save the data even if incomplete. I am collecting client level data and this is a major issue. If a record is not filled properly and when you have so many clients, the partially filled records may never get completed. In the online tracker capture, the mandatory fields work as expected. In the app, this is not replicated.


Waka Wafubwa

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Hi @Waka_Wafubwa,

We were aware of some issues related to coordinates capture for some devices and we have been working to fix them. Have you tried the v1.3.0 (beta version) which is available in GitHub? (it will be released next week). In case this version does not resolve your problem, please, add a jira issue with the device information.

Regarding mandatory fields, we are blocking data creation when enrolling/creating a new Tracked Entity Instance. For events, it will block the option to complete it, but we let the user to finish data entry later (just in case he/she doesn’t have the requiered information it that moment). Moreover, any event with missing mandatory fields won’t be uploaded to the server. Version 1.3.0 will give more information to workers on what’s missing and what to do if a record fails to be uploaded.

Hope this answers your question. Thank you!


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