[DHIS2 Android] New Release of Dashboard App is out!!

Dear DHIS2 Community,

as part of the activities to reinforce the availability of offline mobile solutions we are releasing new versions of our current Android Apps with all known bugs fixed, some functionalities added, and a new set of documentation.

We are releasing today the Dashboard App. It comes with a lot of fixes (read the Release notes in Git for further details).

You can install it through Google Play (Dashboard) or download the apk from Github (Dashboard).

We recommend going to Github for a complete list of issues solved.

Following the link below, you will find documentation with detailed information on the functionalities included in the App and how they behave compare to the Web.

(We recommend to download the PDF file, internal links do not work if you open them online).

This document is a tool for implementers who need to understand if the App covers their needs and respond to their configurations of DHIS2 in the web.

We encourage you to download the App and test it. It is compatible with DHIS2 versions 2.25, 2.26 and 2.27.

Please remember to create a Jira Issue if you find a bug or you want to propose a new functionality to be added!

[Project: Maintenance of Android Apps | Component: Dashboard].

Special thanks to the teams behind the development, testing and documentation of this app: Adrian Quintana, Araz Abishov, Bill Hartley, Emma van de Weerd, Erling Fjelstad, Ignacio del Cano, Ignacio Foche, Jorge Sánchez, Manuel Plazas, Sam Johnson, Thomas Lindsjørn and Vlad Alfredov.


Marta on behalf of the Android team