[DHIS2 Android] DHIS2 Android App for training purposes

Noted with thanks Marta. This is very helpful.


On Wed, 26 Sep 2018, 11:48 Marta Vila, marta@dhis2.org wrote:

Dear community,

the DHIS2 Android App implements some restrictions that will NOT allow you to take screenshots or cast your screen. This is great from a security and data protection point of view, but could be inconvenient when you are planning a training or demo sessions.

For that purposes we have a Training apkwith every new release. This apk will last 30 days in your phone and allows you to cast screen and take screenshots.

It will stop working after the 30 days, but you can re install it if you needed again later.

You can download it from Github following this link. The current version is called “dhis2_v1_0_1_training.apk”

Hope it is useful!

Thanks Marta


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