DHIS2 Android App version 1.1.0 is released


(Marta Vila) #21

thanks @lusandan, will add a link to your video in the jira issue. Very useful!

(Marta Vila) #22

Hi @wtum, if the same configuration worked well in the last version of the app, but it doesn’t in this one, then please report a Jira issue with some info of the rules failing, but please verify first if the program rules are working well on web.


(Elijah Ademola Odeleye) #23

Please I don’t have access to the app.


(Marta Vila) #24

Hi @Elijah_Ademola,

you can download it from :

  • Google Play (the upload is being processed in Google Play Store and will be available in the next hours)
  • Github (already available)

Once you have installed in your phone you can start typing “https” and you will see two URLs suggested. One for 2.30 and one for 2.29. The moment you choose one, the testing credentials with pre-load and you only have to log in.

Hope it helps!

(Elijah Ademola Odeleye) #25

Thanks So much,